The number of registered Pixela users reached 30,000!!

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On May 19 2022, the number of registered Pixela users reached 30,000!!
Screenshot from metrics dashboard
Screenshot from metrics dashboard
Pixela's user base is growing fast — this milestore achieved almost 3 years and 7 months after Pixela's launch and 10 months from the date of the last milestone (10,000 users!).
Due to my own busy schedule, I have not been able to make any major updates in the past 10 months, but I’m actually in the process of developing a new feature.
Today I’d like to show you here a screenshot that show how it works.
This screenshot is under-development.
This screenshot is under-development.
How is this? 😆
I would like to bring this feature to you ASAP, but it is true that I have not had much time to do so due to my work, family chores, and other commitments, etc. However, it was also Pixela that taught me the importance of continuity. Therefore, I won’t give up on developing a new feature and will continue to work on them diligently. I hope you can look forward to it!