New feature, “Weekly streak” has been released! (Pixela v1.24.0)

Weekly streak!
Weekly streak!
I am very pleased to announce to you folks today that I have begun development of this feature at the beginning of the year 2022!
The new feature’s name is… “Weekly streak” ! 🎉

What is “Weekly streak” ?

As you know, Pixela is a service that visualizes the efforts of users and provides a small support for their continuation.
I have long believed that the continuity should not necessarily have to be daily. However, Pixela's graphs so far have looked like it make you think that you have to continue something every day. ☹️
“Even a once-a-week effort is a continuation.” “So how can we encourage users by showing them the graphs?” … Weekly streak will be one answer to this question, I believe.

Learn more about Weekly streak

The newly released Weekly streak is a function of:
  • Visualize the sum of the of registered Pixels for each week as a small rectangle. The shade of the color rendered changes according to the amount of the total value.
    • On days when no pixel is posted, Quantity is assumed to be and the sum is calculated.
  • Weekly streaks are also available for graphs with or .
  • There are no changes to existing APIs or new APIs added with this release.
    • In other words, it is not possible to retrieve the Weekly streak value via the API at this time.

Future Development Plans

An API to retrieve Weekly streak information may be added, but nothing has been decided at this time.
If you have any suggestions, please open an issue here!