Make exclusive features available as a benefit of supporting Pixela - Pixela Supporter Program

Pixela is accepting support from Patreon. Patreon is an external crowdfunding platform which is different from Pixela. In return for support, the various exclusive features are available for supporters.
The earnings will be used for infrastructure costs or domain name maintenance costs.

How to support Pixela from Patreon

You can support Pixela from Patreon by following steps:
  1. Create your Patreon account.
  1. On the Pixela's Patreon page, select the membership level you wish to support and press the button.
  1. If you receive an email with the subject is , you have successfully registered your support. The mail will be sent to the email address which you used to register your Patreon account.

Make exclusive features available

The body of the email with the subject line is like below, it contains a registration code (called ) for only you.
When you set this code to your Pixela account, the restrictions of various features are removed. For example, you can set the code to your account with the following request:

About the features that restrictions are removed by supporting Pixela

Please see the Pixela GitHub Wiki.


  • Please understand your support from Patreon is just support only for develop team or operation maintenance.
  • Please note that a registration code itself (called ) or the features which become available by setting the code to your account are not provided as compensation for your support, but only as a bonus.
  • Please support Pixela only if you agree to the above.


  • What happens if I stop to support from Patreon?
    • Your registered on Pixela will expire, and some features will be restricted again.
    • Please bisit the Patreon Help Center about the refund policies and the other.
  • Can I resume supporting after I have stopped to support once?
    • Yes, you can.
  • It seems that possible to change the amount of support with Patreon to any amount I want, can I change it?
    • Yes, you can.
    • If you change the amount of support, the benefits will remain the same.
  • I have multiple Pixela accounts, so can I share the between the accounts?
    • Yes, you can.
    • However, please do not share the code with others.
  • I belong to a company or organization, so can I share the within the organization?
    • You can share the within the organization if you start supporting with the Logo / Icon supporter membership level.