This equals a user account in Pixela. First of all, you have to register your to use Pixela.

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Properties and features

has the following properties:

This equals a password of the user account. When you use various APIs as the user account, you need to specify the in the header of the API request with as the key.
When you want to change the to another one, please use PUT - /v1/users/<username>.
If you forget your , it can not be revoked or reissued. For more details, please see 🆘I’ve forgotten my token. What should I do?.

This is your name as a Pixela user. This is also used as part of URL when you display your Pixela graphs, for example. You can not register a with that is already used.

You specify or about whether you agree with Pixela’s terms of Service in this property. If you do , then you can not use Pixela.

You specify or about that you are not a minor in this property. If you are a minor, then you can not use Pixela.

This is a property that you can set the registration code called . If you set a valid in this property, then all the limitations for features will be removed. For more details, please see 💝Make exclusive features available as a benefit of supporting Pixela - Pixela Supporter Program.


  • When you delete a , all data, such as graphs, associated with it also will be deleted.


  • If you let a person register of Pixela by integrating Pixela’s API into your service, for example, please make sure that the person agrees to Pixela’s terms of Service and confirms that he or she is not a minor.
  • You can register more than one . You can use one to more than one s.

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