New Pixela Supporter Benefit! (Pixela v1.25.0)

(Added 2022-07-31) Some of the specifications additions made by this release have been changed and the changes are being released as v1.25.1. For more details, please check here.
The following new specification have been added with this release of Pixela v1.25.0 .
  • For some APIs, requests for those APIs are rejected 25% of the time.
    • The HTTP status code and HTTP response body for a rejected request are as follows:
      • HTTP status code
      • HTTP response body
    • The target APIs to which this specification applies is not public. (2022-07-26 added) The target API is now open to the public. The following is the target.
      • List of Target APIs
        • User
        • User profile
        • Graph
        • Pixel
        • Instant recording
        • Webhook
    • These specifications are subject to change without notice. If any changes are made, we will notify users in the way of a new version release.
The above specification do not apply to API requests for Pixela supporter users. In other words, this is a new Pixela supporter benefit that has been added this time.
Error responses returned by this specification are retriable error.If you are not a Pixela supporter, please handle the above error correctly and retry appropriately.
(Even for Pixela supporters, errors such as HTTP status code can occur at any time due to server errors or service failures. Therefore, there is no better time to implement such error handling.)
We understand that the addition of this specification is both challenging and ambitious. If you have any comments on this specification addition, please let us know on GitHub issues! (Pixela users are all over the world, so please give us your comments in English!)
Well then, enjoy Pixela v1.25.0!