This represents a specific date and a set of a quantity that is recorded for that date.

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Properties and features

has the following properties:

This is a property for representing when is the date of .
You need to specify the date in format.

You can specify a quantity that you want to register to the date that specified by with this property.
You can’t register a quantity that is not matched with of that the belongs.
If you register a decimal as to this property, you can specify up to the second decimal place.

By using this property, you can specify additional information to the date that is specified with .
Additionally, as a limited feature for Pixela Supporters, it is possible to add to ’s SVG as an attribute. For more detail, please see the following pages:


  • This API is mainly for updating an existing , but if the corresponding doesn’t exist, then register a new at the same time.


  • Information that can be registered in should be matched with the following two conditions:
    • Must be JSON string.
    • Must be a string of less than 10KB in length.

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